Day in the Life Winter 2016

by Carrie on January 24, 2016

I debated doing this for the longest time. I am pretty much 24/7 exhausted and overwhelmed with life with 3… but I know this time will be gone in the blink of an eye and I will want to look back on it. So prepare yourself for lots of crying, whining, and complaining of lack of sleep 😉

Friday January 22nd 2016

Adam 33
Carrie 31
Madalynn 6
Hanna 3.5
Tyler 5 weeks
Peanut the dog 7
Boots 2

12:30am Tyler wakes up, I reluctantly get up make as I have only been asleep for 2ish hours. I go to the bathroom will quick hoping the pacifier buys me a few minutes. Make a bottle, feed him and then notice I have no burp cloth. Perfect for midnight. Thankfully he eats and is back to sleep quickly. **While feeding him I check Instagram and see Julia’s DITL and decide today is the day 😉

3:30am Tyler awake again make him a bottle and feed him. I notice he is less congested then last night which is great as he has a slight cold and yesterday was rough as he couldn’t eat well because he was congested. I change his diaper and feed the rest of his bottle. Again he is back to sleep quickly.

5am I hear Tyler stirring again, I decide Adam can get up and feed him as his alarm will go off in about 30 minutes. He gets up and feeds him. I quickly fall back asleep.


6:45am Hanna came into the bedroom sometime between 5 and now. She is quickly playing on her ipad next to the bed. Tyler is wide awake and is filling his pants. I wait for him to finish and check facebook, instagram and email while he finishes. I change him and then pass him off to Adam.

7am I jump in the shower. Adam puts Tyler in the rock and play and shredded the cheese for dinner. Somewhere before this he has also gotten them breakfast. After my shower I get dressed and make the bed. Adam is getting Tyler dressed as well.


7:15am I go feed Tyler and tell the girls to go do their lists. They start getting dressed then brush hair, teeth, get backpack ready etc.


7:35am Adam gets Maddy into the bathroom to bandage her toe (she stubbed it SO bad 2 nights ago it wasn’t pretty) I start getting the diaper bag packed, get my jewelry on and get myself some jewelry as I am fading already as exhausted. And I kind of love my new cup anyway 🙂

7:45am Maddy is in the bathroom going to the bathroom but it’s getting close to time to go so I am rushing her along.

7:50am Maddy starts getting her snowpants, boots, etc on. Tyler is fussing and I think maybe he wants mroe bottle so I make him another… which ofcourse he doesn’t want anyway.


7:58am Maddy and Adam leave. Adam drops her at school and then goes to work himself. This is the last day of this as his hours will be changing so enjoying it while I can. Tyler seems happy on the floor for now so I brush my  teeth and do my hair quickly. I also make myself a bowl of oatmeal, Tyler fell asleep on the floor so I get to finish my chai and eat my oatmeal in peace.

8:15am I give Hanna 10 min warning before we need to leave.


8:25am Tell Hanna to get ready, get Tyler in his carseat which just pisses him off as he was asleep. When we walk out the door I notice the big huge giant flakes falling from the sky and although I am over the cold it’s SO pretty. We are out the door on time and he falls asleep once in the car. We stop to drop off some formula to someone and then go to our Mops meeting.


9am-11am MOPs meeting, Hanna is with her class, Tyler naps most of the meeting and I got some great adult time.


11:10am We are home, Tyler had spit-up on my scarf at MOPs so I take that as opportunity to put comfy clothes on I put on my new favorite lularoe leggings. Tyler is sleeping in his carseat so I start a load of laundry, make Hanna lunch and then take photos of some clothes I am looking to post on local garage sale site to sell.

11:30am Tyler starts stirring so I get up out and go change his diaper and notice his diaper leaked so change his outfit. I give him a little tummy time, clean up Hanna’s lunch.


11:45 The dog and cat are going crazy and I mentally feel like we have a circus living in our house. I grab a can of pop as I am again fading and the afternoons are my hardest time to start awake. Hanna and I “play” with Tyler on the floor.

12:25pm I lay Hanna down for quiet time, I cycle the laundry and start the dishwasher. I decide I am not hungry for lunch as I ate at MOPs so I get some pretzels for myself and a bottle for Tyler as he normally takes a good afternoon nap. I put on some HGTV to watch.


1:30pm Hanna comes out and announces her music is off. The rule is you have to be quiet til music is off then you can play. I tell her she can play. Tyler is awake and really pissed off. I finally get him calm and to finish his bottle he fights his nap til around 2.

2:30 Get Hanna into the bathroom and ready to go as we need to meet someone to sell some baby clothes before picking up Maddy. Get the mail and the package at the door which is my Kohls order that should be a sweatshirt for Tyler but instead it’s woman’s small workout pants. Head to Target to meet 2 people. Hanna falls asleep in the 3 mile drive… yea stop telling me your NOT tired child!


2:45 meet one lady and then get a text from the other she can’t make it. Since I have extra time to kill before having to pick up Maddy, and since I have 2 sleeping kids I guess I might as well get myself a hot chocolate 😉 I enjoy my hot chocolate and peace of quiet while waiting in the pickup line knowing full well it will be short lived.

3:10pm Tyler starts fussing, he hates a non moving carseat. I put his pacifier back in and it buys me time until Maddy is done in 5 minutes.

thumb (1)

3:20pm Home from school, Maddy empties out her backpack, Tyler is screaming from his carseat and Hanna is having a meltdown because I wont get a snack RIGHT this second and my answer of in a few minutes was not acceptable. After I get Tyler calmed down I get the girls a snack of some crackers and drinks for both. Tyler is back asleep so I take the change to call Kohls about my order.

4pm Feed Tyler and then start a pan of water for the pasta for dinner. I text Adam finding out if he is working til 5 or 6 tonight as I wasn’t sure. He text back he’ll be working til 5:30 so I decide to feed girls ahead of time as he wont be home til 6:30 or later. 4-7pm is what I call the witching hours in our house. Basically the time of day I hate daily, it’s always crazy, I yell too much, and I end up stressed as all get out. Tonight is no different.


4:45pm I need to get the pasta in, Tyler is fed and changed and should be good to go. But he refuses to let me put him down. The girls are running, screaming and fighting through the kitchen. I text Adam my insanity, I add the pasta and then ask Maddy to hold Tyler hoping that will hold him over. It works for about 5 minutes and they are both over it.

thumb (4)

5pm I put him in the rock and play as I have to get dinner done, pasta is close and I need to make the cheese sauce. He screams, fusses and is unhappy for much of the next half hour. I get dinner done and the girls to the table I sit down with Tyler and decide to eat later. He is fine as long as I am holding him ;/


5:45pm I decide since he is still awake and is happy I might as well get him in the bath tub. The girls are finishing supper and I ask them to clean up their dishes when they are done. He’s SO happy in the bathtub so even though he is done I keep him in there as long as the water is hot.

6:05 get Tyler out of the bath, get him dressed and warm. Adam arrives home as I am done he takes Tyler for a bit I clean up the bathroom, get the towel in the dryer.

6:15 I take Tyler back and Adam gets a plate of food. He then changes clothes and plays with the girls. Argue over some books and whose turn it is to read, or pick etc.

7:15 Adam starts the bedtime with the big kids, I get Tyler a bottle. While I am burping him the girls come out for kisses and hugs for Tyler and I. Adam gets them in bed and they are both out within minutes. Adam takes Tyler and tried to get him to sleep but he is all about Mom so I take him back.

8pm Tyler is out I lay him down in bed, Adam is working on schoolwork and I am watching Shark Tank. Adam washes the bottles in here sometime too.

9pm Adam takes the dog outside, I get bottles and formula into the bedroom. I check on the girls and make sure they are covered up.

thumb (5)SLEEP!

12am Tyler awake for another bottle.


39 weeks baby 3

by Carrie on December 23, 2015


How far along: 39 weeks

Total weight gain: -8

Maternity clothes: I’ve done strictly yoga pants since Tyler born

Stretch marks: yep he left me some love

Sleep: About 1.5 hrs at a time… and that whole sleep when he sleeps is hard when you have 2 other kids.

Best moment of this week: Tyler being born!

Miss anything: I do miss feeling him kick etc, but much prefer him on the outside snuggled in my arms

Movement: Nope 😉

Food cravings: Lemon Bars, I took one from my Moms house and I am now addicted!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really

Have you started to show yet: N/A


Tyler Scott

by Carrie on December 23, 2015

I had my 38 week appointment on Tuesday 12/15, I had been up all that night with contractions but they never were super strong or close enough to go in. By the time I got to the dr they had stopped. After she checked me she said “I don’t think I will see you for your appointment next week.” Oh how I hoped she was SO SO right. Since both girls were in school all day on this Tuesday I took advantage and got a pedicure, manicure did a little Christmas shopping and had lunch with my Mom and Grandma it was a wonderful day.img_1428.jpegWednesday afternoon I got dressed as I was helping out at a church event Maddy attends. I snapped this picture having NO idea that less then 12 hours later our world would change.

img_1450.jpegTyler Scott was born at 4:47am on December 17th 2015. He was 8.4lbs, and 21 inches long.


Full birth story to come 😉